This is a blog about everything to do with gyspy jazz guitar music. I have been a fan of this music for many years and I am fortunate enough to play rhythm guitar in a band with some great musicians, we call ourselves Djangoism. This blog covers the music, playing techniques, reviews of latest albums, discussion about instruments & accessories, and highlights upcoming gigs in the UK

Simon Cross


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  1. Richard Hill says:

    Hi Simon its good to see your keen interest in Gypsy Jazz Guitar goes on unendingly! I have been living in Spain now near Almeria in the south for a number of years, I still play quite often in a local jazz band ,playing standards and with a female vocolist who is very good. I also play solo gigs now that I have had time to rip-off a few Martin Taylor arrangements – not easy! and other ideas of my own for jazz standards. I dont have much involvement with the internet apart from seeking out interesting torrents, but I hope to be making a contribution to some sites that i feel I have something of interest for. I hope you are well and please give my regards to all my friends there in Sheffield. If you have a email address for Chris Walker I would be grateful to you. I was in touch with Rosie Brown a while ago – she seems to be doing ok also. Look forward to hearing from you, when you have time. All the best, Richard

  2. Richard Hill says:


  3. John Powell says:

    Hi – I’ve just become very interested in Manouche after playing jazz guitar for 5 years, as well as classical and folk. I’d be very interested to hear if you found any local teachers in Sheffield, as that’s where I live also.

    Do you recommend the Gitane guitars? – I guess Hobgoblin in Leeds or Nottingham is the place to go?



  4. Hello,
    I hope you can make a link to my website in the Header: Luthiers:
    I make a lot of very nice GIpsy style guitars

    Thank you
    Gerrit van Bergeijk

  5. Chris C says:

    Hey Guys, I live in Sheffield too and am wanting to put together a small group of musicians to play manouche / Gypsy Jazz starting in January 2007. a weekly jam might be a good start.

    Anyone interested drop me an email and lets get it started!


  6. We just played here in Philadelphia with John Jorgenson and his band.
    It was a huge success, crowd of 300 at the Wold Cafe in Philadelphia.
    My band, the Hot Club of Philadelphia, was the opener. We played a fine set, [I think that we were all a bitt nervous, but we got loose and swingin’ very soon.
    We featured a great female vocalist on Nuages, and J’Attendrai, our friend Phyllis Chapell. John and his group were amazing. His new rhythm player is Kevin Nolan,
    and his new fiddle player was 22 year old Jason Anick. Anyhow, it was a blast.
    I played my new Manouche Modele Jazz oval hole, and I got a lot of nice compliments. I’m the US dealer rep for Manouche Guitars.
    Moreo, the Ferres and now Sampson Schmitt are playing our instruments.
    I have BIB playalong files and Powertabs on my HCPhilly site. There are pictures of
    Samson, Dorado, David Reinhardt at Birdland in NYC November at http://www.manouchenorthamerica.com
    Barry Warhoftig,
    Guitarist HCPhilly

  7. alexey says:

    Hi, I m guitar player Russian Gypsies style

  8. paul johnson says:

    Hi Richard, you will not remember me but I’m an old friend of Robert Dodds who I think you do know, my name is Paul. I’m intrigued that you moved to Espana and are still there presumably working as a guitarist or maybe retired by now, anyhow that’s quite an acheivement, well done. I’m a pro drummer currently working cruise ships etc based in sunny Sheffield but I lived in Espana for seven years but sadly had to give it up due to econmic reasons, came back two years ago now. My longer term idea is to move back to Espana, I also play sax and could maybe get work in hotels etc as a solo act, anyway if you get this please let me know how it’s going if you get time, kind regards, Paul.

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