CD review – Acoustic Spirit by Romane


As I often do I found this CD on Amazon and that company does seem a great source of really rather specialist CDs. This is a double CD with a difference – one CD is a usual (though there is noting ‘usual’ about the standard of the music) audio CD of great gyspy jazz by Romane and a cracking band. The other CD contains all the tracks from the first but with the lead instruments removed so you can use it as a playalong for practice, and as all the compositions are by Romane this CD also contains all the written parts for lead and rhythm section. Goodness knows how long it took to put this project together but all gypsy jazz players should be grateful for such a greast learning resource.

The music on the first CD is great and well worth the price even if you have no interest in the 2nd CD.


2 Responses to CD review – Acoustic Spirit by Romane

  1. dez says:

    Just found your site. Looks pretty cool!

    I love this CD and the learning materials that come with it. Been slowly working my way through them, and I’m glad to see someone else out there appreicates the effort these guys put into the package.

    Romane’s music is very accessible for beginning-intermediate players and being able to play along and follow the music is totally cool. And you’re right about the price being very reasonable considering the wealth of info and entertainment.

  2. Simon Cross says:

    Yes there is an amazing amount of work that has gone into this package, it really has been a labour of love by its creators

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