Gypsy jazz guitar on YouTube

I’ve been a bit slow in catching up with the YouTube phenomenon. Shez Sherdan, the lead guitarist in our band Djangoism, told me about it. He had been touring with Richard Hawley and found that video footage of a concert they had played in Torino was on YouTube by the time they got back to the UK!

Looking for gypsy jazz on YouTube my searches come up with a number of different categories. There are clips from commercially available DVDs, such as Bireli Lagrene Live in Paris, which misguided fans have placed on YouTube and which amount to video piracy. There are amateur clips of amateurs playing gypsy jazz rather badly, but then everyone has to start somewhere. The most interesting category for gypsy jazz guitar fans are private recordings of well-known players, hopefully with their permission, and little known TV broadcasts.

I have found some excellent clips of Jimmy Rosenberg playing with Gustav Lungren (who posted the clips) and probably Andreas Oberg, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love and China Boy are good. There is also the famous video of Jimmy Rosenberg as a child when his guitar is bigger than he is, and one when he is bit older.

One clip I have enjoyed a lot is John McLaughlin and Bireli Lagrene playing All Blues on a French TV show. I like the contrast between the rather thin tone of John McLaughlin’s electric 335 guitar and the full warm sound from Bireli’s acoustic but then I am becoming an acoustic guitar snob with my new Gitane.


3 Responses to Gypsy jazz guitar on YouTube

  1. Jack says:

    Some enterprising soul has a group set up to save you the searching:


  2. GYKenny says:

    yep nice method .
    Till now I was using

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