Lollo Meier

A few posts ago I mentioned that Lollo Meier, a gypsy jazz guitarist from the Netherlands, was touring the UK at the moment and I was lucky enough to see him last night. Although the gig was sparsely attended (World Cup football and a hot summer’s evening conspiring against gypsy jazz) it was a memorable evening of great music. Lollo sounded even better live than his excellent CD which I have been listening to a lot recently. His soloing was great and his rhythm playing was fantastic, really driving Andre Donni’s clarinet playing along. Dave Kelbie and Andy Crowther provided an exemplary rhythm section. Special mention should got the venue, the Regal Arts Centre in Worksop, which is a very welcoming place which puts a lot of great gypsy jazz gigs on (Angelo Debarre, John Etheridge and Lollo Meier so far in 2006).


One Response to Lollo Meier

  1. Jack says:

    Hi, Simon,

    It’s great to run across your blog here-I don’t know if you’re on the Djangobooks forum, but there was a lot of discussion there lately about another gypsy jazz blog that’s been giving away free music and books, so it’s refreshing to find one that’s doing it right!


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