Playing without amplifiers

Yesterday we played a gig that was essentially providing background music at a summer cocktail party. Although we were playing outside we were on a stone terrace with a short wall around us and some canvas canopies overhead. We had taken our usual electro-acoustic guitars and amplifiers with us but before we unpacked those we tried out our new Gitane guitars without any amplification – it sounded perfect! The guitars were loud enough even outdoors and so we played the whole gig without amplifiers (the double bass player as well). The experience of playing totally acoustically was very refreshing and everyone in the band really enjoyed it – we have resolved to find more gigs where we can do this.

Later we played another gig in a noisy wine bar and had to use our old guitars and amplifiers. When we first picked up the guitars they felt very dead and lifeless but with an enthusiastic audience we still enjoyed the gig, though we did find that 4 hours of full-on gypsy jazz playing in a day was a little hard on the fingers.


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