Practicing without a band

I find it hard to practice gypsy jazz guitar music without a band. I play rhythm guitar and it is difficult to motivate oneself to play fast rhythm guitar for an hour with just a metronome for company. The other members of Djangoism are busy professional musicians with a lot of touring commitments so we don't get to rehearse very often. Fortunately help is at hand with a great practice CD from Dave Kelbie called The Sauce. The CD has the excellent rhythm section of Dave Kelbie on guitar and Pete Kubryk-Townsend on double bass playing 13 tracks of gypsy jazz tunes. All the tracks last normal gig length – usually around five minutes and are at the usual fast tempos, apart from the ballads of course. I put the CD on loud, play along and it feels as though I am on a gig – I get all the usual effects like cramping hands and tired arm muscles. I imagine that it is also very good for lead gypsy jazz instruments.


One Response to Practicing without a band

  1. dave danze says:

    Need to practise gypsy jazz. Any suggestions?


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